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The Art of Spanking
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BY Edge Walker

SPANKINGS This is dedicated to one of the things that so many people enjoy. Tops and bottoms alike enjoy spankings for seperate reasons, even vanilla couples have a fondness for them. This addresses some things that may not be common knowledge for everyone and hopefully something can be learned from this page. This talks about why we enjoy spanking people, why we enjoy being spanked, it has tips of how to spank properly and get that added impact, it tells you where and where not to strike and why... It's all good stuff for both tops and bottoms to know. Definitions Webster's New World Dictionary says this: A strike with something flat, as in the open hand, especially on the buttocks, as in punishment. The BDSM Community says this: Impact play using the open hand to strike against the buttocks or upper thighs of your partner - either for pleasure, pain, or punishment.If you are using something like a ruler to spank with, that qualifies as a spanking tool. because it is something flat. If it's not - it probably already has terminology associated with it - so, if you are hitting another person with a flogger or a cane, they are being caned, flogged, cropped, etc - not spanked. Secondly, if you are striking the person on the body in an area other than the buttocks or thighs, that tends to be referred to as "whipping or slapping". What's the pleasure in giving or receving a spank? The best way to explain this is that when you are sexually aroused your pain tolerance goes way up. It's no secret that many enjoy a spanking during sex, or that many will have their nails go scratching down someones back in a heated sex session. IF you were scratched like that when you weren't having sex, you'd scream. During the sex it's added pleasure though. Pain actually becomes stimulation during sex. Spankings are often used as foreplay because of the stimulation that it provides. The brain produces endorphins, natural opiates, to compensate for pain. Food for thought: Sport Jocks that are "exercise nuts" are stressing their bodies to get that chemical response. They truly enjoy being tremendous atheletes and find it rewarding. The same concept applies to BDSM. It all boils down to "to each his own" - various levels of pain - some enjoy light spankings while others enjoy whippings or floggings. Don't knock it till you try it, and keep in mind that it is all CONSENSUAL. You don't have to be some sort of masochist or pain slut type to enjoy a spanking. Spankings can be administered in all impact levels from light to moderate to severe. How much you can take is something that you will learn through exploration and trial. Another popular reason that bottoms enjoy a spanking is that some can actually orgasm from it. How can that be? Sometimes when a woman is being spanked she can feel it go straight to her clit. There is a physiological reason for this. One of the nerves that comes from the Sacrum (to be exact the fourth Anterior Sacral Nerve) branches out and actually connects the lower inside of the G. Mazimus with the vagina! This is why the "sweet spot" is so sweet. When that nerve is stimulated it can lead to orgasm. Please Master, oh Please, spank me again! As far as why Tops like to spank the general response was that the position of the bottom during spanking scenes is visually pleasurable to many tops. Also, often times the Top will use restraints and bondage to keep the bottom in position for the spankings - this gives them added control , and that's something that Tops like - Control... The Top can use spankings for several different reasons - they have the power to humiliate a bottom by making them mold into a ackward position and submit to spankings, they have the power to provide pleasure to their bottom through spankings, they have the ability to use the spankings as corporal punishment if they so choose. They maintain the power to "set the tone of the spanking". The Top also likes to know that he/she is giving his or her partner pleasure and that it's his hand that's doing it.The information on the top half of this page is mainly speculation, although it's pretty sound speculation. After all, we all have our own set of reasons of why we do or do not like things. The bottom half of this page focuses on hard core facts - things that people should know about spankings - where to hit, where not to hit and why, the different positions used, why spankings can be such a sensation, etc - so cozy in and read on! The Target: Your partner's ASS. It's not expected that you have a Diploma in the Erotic Art of Spanking, but it is a good idea to know what the hell you are doing and why - and that goes for the Top and Bottom. The Top may be the one doing the spanking, but the bottom should always know what's happening to them and if they sense something isn't happening properly - then they will be educated enough to protect themselves and put a cease to the scene. Why is the ASS such a good place for a spanking? It's got tremendous muscle structure. There are thick and strong layers of muscles in the ASS that absorb the impact of spankings with little injury. You don't have to memorize these big words coming up, but you should have some knowledge of it... Gluteus - Actually three different layers of muscles [G. Maximus, G. Medius and G. Minimus.] You want to concentrate your impact on the lower half of the G. Maximus as this muscle can withstand hard impact. Biceps Femoris - This is the long powerful muscle on the outside of the thighs in the back. This muscle is not as hard as the G. Maximus, but still is generally safe for the harder impacts. Semitendinosus - Heavy impact should be avoided here because this area is likely to easily be bruised. It's a long delicate muscle on the inside of the thigh. Gastrocnemius and soleus - Avoid all impact play on the delicate muscles of the calf! They are not resistant to impact and form blood clots easily. These can break loose and travel up the large veins of the leg to the heart! * The back of the thigh is made up of surface muscles. You should avoid concentrating impact where these two muscles join each other mid thigh. It is better to spread the impact evenly across the entire back of the thigh. Ok - enough about muscles...let's talk about bones...there are three groups of bones that you should know about...Right below the muscles are bones and nerves that you should be aware of....heavy impact should NOT be done directly over a bone - i mean, *really*, that's just down right stupid. It's a bone, and bones can be broken! Heavy impact play on a bone would "crush" the muscle against the bone, intensifying the chances of injury. Sacrum and Coccyx - They are groups of fused bones located at the very base of the spine. Located high up and above the muscles, this is a definte NO HIT area! shium - These are the two bones in your butt! It's what you sit upon when you sit on something. In very thin people, these bones stick out and are very easy to injure as well as crushing the muscle against them. Avoid hitting directly on the ASS bones!It's so important that you know this, i have to stress it again -- after all, we all want play that is SAFE and SANE. The actual spinal cord ends rather high up in the middle of the back. Below that, the nerves travel along the outside of the spinal bones. When the nerves reach the Sacrum and Coccyx, the nerves are located very close to the surface and can be easily damaged - A bad thing! Again, avoid all impact on the Sacrum and Coccyx! Ok, enough about nerves, bones, and muscles... Let's give our Tops some hints and tips about how to spank to make it hurt more or to increase the sensation. My mashochist friends will thank me for this section, and for my pals that aren't little pain sluts - i'm sorry! Keeping your hand flexible at the point of impact will increase the thud. Keeping your hand still will increase the sting.Striking and keeping your hand at the point of impact will make the pain "go deeper". Striking and then grabbing the flesh will really drive the pain deeper.Wetting the skin(water or massage oil) will not only make the spanks sound louder, but will also increase the surface sting. Plus, it's sexy.And let's not forget about aftercare. After a good spanking session the bottom is probably "worn out" from being in a position that he or she isn't accustomed to being in all the time, they an probabably feel the heat and sting, the crimson on their ASS or other target location - and they need some tender loving care aftewards, to ease the pain and to mentally relax them and let them know that the spankings weren't meant as abuse. The aftercare can be shown by simple affection... a kiss... the hand rubbing the spanked area... just soft and affecionate touches. This won't make the Top less Dominant, but it will make the Top a *good* Dominant.

This has been reviewd and approved for its acurcey By David Alderman,MD INTERNAL MEDICINE / NEPHPOLOGY Palm Springs Ca.